Tom Browning Arrested

Via AP and

Former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Tom Browning has been arrested and charged with not paying child support, according to jail records uncovered by the Associated Press.

Browning, best known for throwing a perfect game in 1988 and currently a Minor League pitching coach in the Reds organization, was arrested Friday and was being held on $99,008.36 bail, according to the AP.

Browning isn’t the nicest guy around the Reds organization but it is unfortnate that he has to go through something like this.  Hopefully he gets this cleared up soon.


About the Hiatus

I wanted to finally get back on the horse and start blogging again but wanted to wait until the college basketball season was complete.  As of yesterday’s crushing loss, I can now start paying attention to baseball again.

Over the next week I will be updating and revamping the site so that it will be ready for opening day next Monday.  By adding and subtracting links and doing some other things I had in mind for the site, I hope to better serve the readership (the few of you that remain) for the upcoming season.

If you have a link or site that you want to see featured here OR if you have ideas for content (Twitter feed?) please let me know in the comments so that I can add them in as I see fit.

I apologize about the layoff but college basketball is a little more important to me than the spring baseball season.