Freel-Hernandez Deal Almost Done

Ryan Freel will be sent to Baltimore for catcher Ramon Hernandez plus potentially $1MIL.

John Fay said just a few moments ago on Lance McAlister’s show on 1530 Homer that the deal is on Bud Selig’s desk.

This makes sense.  It gives the Reds a back-up for Ryan Hanigan and gives Freel a chance to play more often than he would in Cincinnati.

Do the Reds need a third catcher?


Statistics Can Prove Anything

If you have noticed, we here at CFT don’t really quote many statistics.  Part of that is due to the fact that it is the middle of winter and there isn’t any baseball going on.  The other part of it is we are still learning more about sabermetrics; how to use them, interpret them, and how to calculate them.  However, we love new and usable statistics to better understand the game of baseball.  Pitch f/x data is one of the emerging areas of sabermetrics which we quite don’t understand, but still find fascinating. 

On just about every broadcast, an announcer will remark, “This is one of the grittiness players of all-time.” Thankfully,   JinAZ found this webpage quantifying grittiness in a new, fun stat called General Requirements of Intangible Talent or GRIT. 

We are shocked that the Reds’ own Ryan Freel didn’t make the list.  If “dirt on uniform” is any measure, Ryan would be near the top of the list.  We wonder what went wrong and where he ranks beyond the data set provided.  This even after breaking a lady’s nose in Dodger Stadium after diving for a ball and for having his own “Ryan Freel Dirty Shirt” promotion night.