Links and video stuff

We haven’t had a link post in awhile so here are some that we are going to put up along with some videos.

First off, we need to thank the Reds sphere of blogs. Several sites have picked up on CFT and we need to acknowledge them with our sincerest thanks. We are averaging a whopping 35 page views a day with a high of 128. Keep up the good work everyone!

RedLeg Nation-A great site updated almost daily with news not only about the Reds, but also the minor league system. We also enjoy their regularly updated podcasts.

On Baseball and the Reds-One of the more dedicated…”baseball researchers” that focus on the Reds as well as doing some nice work for Hardball Times. Also has team news and analysis.

Red Reporter-Daily updates and a running game thread with tons of snarky comments for those who register at the site. Tons of great people over there.

Church of Baseball-Tons of Reds links and photos. Be sure to scroll down for the page’s content.

Red-Hot-Mama-Mostly a Reds site but has turned into a NL Central site. Weekly podcasts.

If you have a Reds site and have linked us, please let us know.

We find this commercial for the Colorado Rockies 2008 season tickets so funny, we are adopting them as our favorite secondary team.

We found this video of Mt. St. Bowa blowing up funny as well. Vin Scully’s reaction and analysis is also priceless.

This is the same guy who was…well…let’s say a little upset about having to adhear to MLB’s new policy of making first and third base coaches wear helmets.

We’ve found a couple more Bill James interviews here and here. The second one will come in handy as you watch the Final Four this weekend. It even has a calculator that lets you know when a basketball game is out of reach.


Bill James to Appear on “60 Minutes” Sunday

With Opening Day just two days away, CBS’s news magazine “60 Minutes” will have a feature on Bill James, the Boston Red Sox senior adviser and father of sabermetrics.

From the “60 Minutes” website:

“Baseball has always been a game about statistics, something the Boston Red Sox took to a new level when they hired baseball statistics guru Bill James in 2002. His “sabermetrics” analysis of players’ stats is a system Red Sox owners believe is an integral part of a winning formula that has brought two World Series trophies to Boston since he arrived. However, more teams are getting into the act, say Sox owners, who now worry that their dreaded enemy the New York Yankees will get into the same game with their always-bigger wallet.”

They even have a small interview of “60 Minutes” correspondent Morely Safer which is interesting.

While focusing on James and how he operates within the Red Sox organization is important to tell the story, we hope the piece will incorporate other organizations who use sabermetrics as well as those who develop new ways of statistically measuring players as part of the evaluation process. Focusing soley on the Yankees and Red Sox won’t do the rest of baseball any justice.

We’ll have a review sometime next week after our Opening Day celebrations settle down.

Of course if you are Paul Daugherty then there is no reason to watch this interview. Only college professors, “ivory tower types”, and people filling out spreadsheets in their mother’s basement should tune in.