Send This To Dusty and Walt

From Keith Olberman’s MLBlog “Baseball Nerd

However, Reds’ manager Dusty Baker, sounding exactly like the kind of skippers in Atlanta who limited him to spot work for his first four years, seems totally unimpressed with the prospects of either Stubbs or Haisley, dismissing their performances as just numbers. While an outfield of Nix and Gomes in left, Willy Taveras in center, and Chris Dickerson (who left today’s game in New York with back spasms) may seem appealing to Dusty, it would probably assure the Reds of sinking into the basement in the NL Central.

I hate Dusty Baker.  It is high time for Walt to set him straight and be more active in roster management and who will be in the lineup.   However, given that Walt did not make a move for many days (if I remember correctly it was 10) when Alex Gonzalez got hurt, I don’t have much confidence in the Reds’ GM either.

Perhaps Walt is as clueless as Dusty or he simply refuses to take charge leaving the entire team twisting in the wind.  It is a shame that this team and the fans have to suffer because of the lack of organizational leadership.


Reds Winter Caravan:Louisville

So yesterday was the start of the Reds Winter Caravan and one of the first stops was Louisville Slugger Field.  The event was held in the ballpark’s foyer (think concrete slab floor, florescent lights) as opposed to the last two years at the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.  The event was moved due to renovations to the factory site to make room for new exhibits coming this summer.

The caravan carrying Chris Dickerson, Jerry Hairston, Yonder Alanso, Jeff Brantley,  Dusty and George Grande arrived forty-five minutes late to the site since they were held up at a Frankfort, KY radio station.

A great majority of the crowd (about 600 or so) was there seeking autographs and were lined up even before the caravan arrived.

One thing that stood out was the fact that while there were some kids, there wern’t many.  At 4:30 in the afternoon it is a horrible time to have an event like this as it should have been scheduled for a time when more people could get out of work or school so that they could drive to the stadium.  There wasn’t much promotion of the event which was strange.

The one bit of good news was when CEO Bob Castellini announced that the Reds and Bats are going to extend their relationshiop through the 2012 season.  This is big news and it is nice to know that we’ll be able to see many of the Reds up and coming prospects for the next several years.  I don’t really know how I would feel about going to games if the Bats were affiliated with another team.

Notable Quotes:

From Dusty

“I won’t put a governor on them. I want them to use their arms, legs, bats, everything in order to win”

Translation: CREATE HAVOC!

Jerry Hairston:

“We are young, but talented.  There is a difference”

Yeah, and Grizzly Adams had a beard.

Other than Dusty babbling about winning and going to the inauguration on Tuesday with his son, George Grande took only one question from those assembled.  It was about the radio affiliate (not from me) and pretty much dismissed it by saying, “The Reds are doing everything to bring Reds fans the best radio and TV coverage”.  Joe Zerhusen, the broadcast affiliate manager, was also in attendance.  Presumeably he will be around tonight checking various spots in the city for the horrible reliablity of the signal and continue to see if there are other options for another affiliate.

All in all it was a poorly timed event that seemed hastily put together with little fanfare or excitement.  The people running the caravan should have put more into the event (promotion) and at the very least they should have apologized for being late.

When you give out free copies of Baseball America’s NL Central prospect report that says, “Reds are a long way away”, while trying to promote the team as a winner, you have some serious problems.

Free Agents? What Free Agents?

As I sit here in the dregs of winter and covered in blankets to shield me from the cold, I harken back to a much simpler time. A time for reflection of the year past and a time of looking forward with optimism about the future of your Cincinnati Reds.

Remember way back when, October 15, 2007 to be exact, Dusty Baker was hired by the Reds and he promised more free agents and players wanting to come play for him?

In order to win here, Baker said, the Reds need more resources in the dugout. Baker said “a number of players…called me about coming to Cincinnati.”

“I can attract players to come here,” Baker said. “You add or subtract a couple players from almost every team, and there’s possibility. I looked at things, analyzed things. I loved to win. I’m spoiled by winning. I want to get back to that.”

So…where are they, Dusty?  I want some big names in the line-up next year and since they have been knocking down the door since you came here, I want results.

Dusty Baker Ruins Another Team

According to the San Fransisco Chronicle, Dusty Baker will be coaching his son Darren’s 10 and under traveling team this weekend as a fill-in coach that is located near his California home.  Hopefully they have strict pitch count limits.

“I am so shocked he agreed to do it. Darren sort of persuaded him,” Melissa Baker said. “The funny thing is that Dusty just can’t get over the goofing around that still goes on with these 9- and 10-year-olds. He wants them to always hustle and stay focused.

“He didn’t think it would be this soon. He thought he would have to wait until he was retired to coach Darren. That’s what he wants to do when he’s out of the game.”

No word if Corey Patterson will be leading off or not.

Baker is also appearing as a guest commentator on the “Tirico & Van Pelt” show on ESPN radio during the playoffs.  I only caught the very end of today’s discussion, but he basically said everything any normal manager or coach would say about every team remaining in the playoffs.  In other words: clogging bases=bad, “The Dodger way”=good

Via Shysterball, Via Deadspin

John Fay Should Do More Research

John Fay, the Reds beat reporter for the Enquirer wrote an article on July 28 about how the words “walks” and “clogging bases” was attributed to Dusty “some years ago”.

HOUSTON – It’s one of the statements forever linked to Dusty Baker.

Some years ago, he said “walks” and “clogging the bases” in the same sentence. He’s been ripped by sabermetric types since.

However, it was only back in February of 2008 that Mark Sheldon, the Reds beat reporter for wrote this during spring training.

“What you do is run the pitcher’s count up, that helps,” Baker said. “You put him in the stretch, that helps. But your job in the middle is to either score them or drive them in. The name of the game is scoring runs. Sometimes, you get so caught up in on-base percentage that you’re clogging up the bases.”

Nice work, Mr. Fay.  Next time do a little more research.  And stop trying to protect the manager of this horrid team.

Questions and Rumors

Here we go again. The Reds get slapped around by the Red Sox today 9-0 and lose another series. Poor pitching again by Homer Bailey who looks nothing like the promising young prospect we all hoped that he would be.

How come Dick Pole and/or Dusty don’t get into his face and light him up like they did to Matt Belisle earlier this season?

Where is the post-game meltdown by Dusty? I am tired of hearing about how good it was in the Haight-Ashbury scene back in the 60’s and 70’s in California. Its nice to hear that he is laid back, but is Baker too laid back to light a fire underneath the team’s individual and collective ass, especially the younger players? I didn’t think old-school types would appreciate the lack of effort and the constant rolling over that this team seems to do on a rather consistent basis.

Why do I love Brandon Phillips? Because of this:

Nice “Sandlot” reference.

Some rumors after the jump… Continue reading

Fun with Spring Training Photos

Since we can’t be in Arizona or Florida for Spring Training, we try to live vicariously through Yahoo!’s photos.

Corey Patterson and Jayson Bay star in Disney’s newest film, “Failures In the Outfield”

Dusty Baker doing what he does best: shattering people’s arms.

The 2008 Florida Marlins payroll: $35

I get a hit now

On my way to Hall of Fame

Slapping ball to left

Matt Kemp shops for a Chinese male-carry all.

“Real funny, guys. Guys? Where are you going? GUYS! COME BACK!”