Another RedsFest Note

Just a final note to wrap-up RedsFest and the weekend.

I talked to Joe Zerhusen, the PA announcer at GABP and Reds on Radio affiliatte manager, face to face on Saturday at the Duke Energy Center.

He was a very nice man and told me that he had recieved my letter about the problems we’ve been having in Louisville over the broadcast here the past few seasons.

Zerhusen told me that it really is a matter of not having an alternative station to the only sports station in town (WKRD) to use as an affiliate here in Louisville.  For now, Reds broadcasts will be on 1450 AM, which drops significantly at night right around the 8PM hour.

He acknowldeged the problem and said that he would even consider making the trek down to Louisville in order to check on the signal at night at different parts around town in hopes of improving the situation.

I really want to thank him for his sincerity and helpfulness during this whole ordeal and he really is trying to do his best to remedy the situation.

Hopefully something can be resovled soon and they can have an announcement during the winter caravan tour to Louisville in late January.


New Radio Affiliate in Louisville Brings New Problem

When we wrote earlier about the problems we were having with our local Reds on Radio affiliate being a very weak station and we were happy to hear that a new partner had stepped up.  93.9 WQKC FM “The Ticket” will be the new radio affiliate for the Reds in Louisville.  That’s good news.  A strong station that we can get in the house and in our car.  The only bad thing about this station is that it is run by like 3 guys out of a corner of a building in downtown Louisville.  As you can see, the website hasn’t been updated since March.

All mention of the Reds has been wiped clean from the WKRD site.  Perhaps they have ended all affiliation with the Reds and they won’t be on two stations at once. It is a shame that they couldn’t do something to help out fans and keep both the Reds and Louisville Bats on the same sister station.  The signal improved enough so that we could get the games at home since our original post.

However, a new problem has cropped up.

WQKC also broadcasts the Louisville Fire, an Arena2 Football League team.  They have games at the same time as the Reds (most start around 7 or 8 PM). The Fire signed a deal in February of this year with WQKC.  We weren’t able to contact WQKC for comment or get any explination of what will happen when the two games are played at the same time.  As soon as we do, we will post something here.

Hopefully they will do what is right and broadcast the Reds games instead of the Fire or else we will have to send another letter to Joe Zerhusen (who was very nice on the phone by the way) and let him know about the new problem.

Thanks to John Fay for the tip.

WKRD and the Reds on Radio

For those of you not aware of the situation here in Louisville, the Reds radio affiliate WKRD 790-AM/101.7 FM has been a sore point of contention starting last year when the station became the primary radio affiliate for the Triple-A Louisville Bats leaving Reds fans out in the cold.

WKRD 790 AM, a much stronger station, broadcasted Reds games since at least 2004 but was switched to their sister station at the beginning of the 2006 season. When the games were moved to 101.7 FM, a station broadcast out of Shelbyville, KY, 45 miles from Louisville, Reds fans began to contact the program director Jim Fenn with no response.

So, in the last few weeks, we decided to take our complaints to the Reds directly hoping they would apply pressure to the local affiliate to either boost the signal or switch stations.

Here is the text of that letter:

“I am writing as a fan of the Cincinnati Reds and Louisville resident to relay to you a problem with the local radio broadcast of Cincinnati Reds baseball games. After repeated failed attempts to contact the program director Jim Fenn at 790-AM WKRD/101.7-FM, I bring my appeal to you in an attempt to resolve a problem we have been having in Louisville over the past year.

After the 2006 season, WKRD moved the Reds on Radio broadcast to an inferior station (101.7 FM) that does not reach a majority of the fans in the Louisville area. The coverage area of this affiliate is inadequate since the broadcasting location is located in Shelbyville, Kentucky, 45 miles outside of Louisville. At night, when a majority of Reds games are played, the station drops out and Reds fans in the area do not receive a satisfactory signal. Personally I have tried three different radios with minimal success.

To resolve the problem I would appreciate if you would speak with Mr. Fenn to find an amicable solution to the problem by either boosting the signal from 101.7 FM or to move the broadcast to a stronger radio station so that that Reds fans in Louisville can enjoy the ballgame via the radio.”

One of those letters was sent to Joe Zerhusen, the Reds PA announcer for Great American Ballpark and broadcast affiliate manager. Joe has since called us to inform us that they are “well aware of the situation in Louisville” (we assume recieveing a lot of complaints?) and are “working hard” to solve the situation. We certainly appreciate him calling us directly and letting us know that everything is being done to get things changed for Reds fans in Louisville.

What happens from here remains to be seen, but we are confident that Joe will make things right so that the listeners in Louisville can have our radio broadcast come in loud and clear.