Bruce, Janish, Thompson Lost in NYC

Jay Bruce, Paul Janish, and Saturday’s starting pitcher Daryl Thompson almost didn’t make it on time to Yankee Stadium. The trio decided to take the subway to Yankee Stadium only to head the wrong direction, winding up in Brooklyn instead of the Bronx.

The story from Joe Lapointe of the NY Times:

Actually, Thompson had bigger trouble earlier, hours before the game. He and two other rookies, Jay Bruce and Paul Janish, left their Midtown hotel and decided to take the subway to Yankee Stadium. But they got on the wrong train and ended up in Brooklyn instead of the Bronx.

“I had a big old bag and I was going to ride the bus,” Thompson said, “but they said I could ride with them. They said, ‘We’re rookies, let’s take the subway and get there ahead of the bus.’ ”

After about 30 minutes, they realized they were going the wrong way.

“Janish was in charge at first,” Thompson said. “Bruce ended up asking a lady, and she told him which way we needed to go. He got us back on the right track.”

They arrived at the stadium shortly before 11 a.m. for a game that began at 1:08 p.m. “The guys in the clubhouse gave me stuff for trying to follow those guys because they didn’t know what they were doing,” Thompson said. “Bad impression.”

Good thing all three made it there.  Thompson was nothing short of outstanding facing the pressures of Yankee Stadium in his major league debut, shutting out the Yankees in five innings pitched.  He also managed to dig deep in two key situations during the game and get himself out of trouble.

Janish made a spectacular play on a hard hit ball by Alex Rodriguez to shut the door on a Yankee rally late in the game.


Jay Bruce vs. Red Sox Nation

Gotta love it.

Today I was driving around in the car and there was an advertisement for TBS’s Sunday Afternoon baseball coverage for the finale of the weekend series.  Their main selling point was “the up and coming Reds starring Jay Bruce versus the Red Sox”.  Awesome.

The Reds have a first ballot Hall of Famer in right field that passed a historic milestone this week, yet Jay Bruce is getting the hype. It is awesome to hear that the national media is giving him the attention, but it is a little surreal that a guy who started the year in the minors is getting so much attention.  This is something that I am not used to as a Reds fan.

Also of note this weekend, Jerry Remy, NESN broadcaster and former Red Sox player will be joining Thom in the TV booth for the Fox national broadcast on Saturday.  Expect to hear a lot of talk about the ’75 Series.

The Jay Bruce Blog

Well, it has happened. After holding a nightly candlelight vigil since spring training, Jay Bruce was finally called up on Monday to be on the roster. A corresponding move will be made later today along with a very intriguing 4:00 press conference followed by GM Walt Jocketty being available in the dugout prior to tonight’s game with the Pirates.

I’m very excited. The number one prospect in all of America, in a Reds uniform tonight for the first time will be simply awesome. The buzz from the Reds’ minor league system is steadily starting to get some national attention with Bailey, Cueto, and now of course Bruce. I hope Jocketty continues to re-invest in the minor league system and drafts well even though that has not been his track record.

The dark cloud that has been over this team all year, including Sunday’s 18-inning debacle in which Corey “I’m Dusty’s boy so nothing I do hurts the team” Patterson went 0-8, will soon be lifted…somewhat. That is of course until Bruce strikes out twice in a game and every person in the Cincinnati Media calls for him to be traded because he doesn’t hustle like Pete.

I am very interested in seeing what is said in the 4:00 press conference and who attends.  If Mr. Castellini is there, does it mean that he is trying to save face for allegedly forcing the hand of Wayne Krivsky into signing Corey Patterson?  He seems to be 100% immune from the Cincinnati Media and the problems this team is facing.  The last thing this team needs is a meddlesome owner who puts “winning at all costs” above the long term solutions this team needs to be successful.

Bruce Tops BA’s Hot Sheet

For the week of May 9-15th, Jay Bruce has absolutely been crushing it here in Louisville, and so he was named to the top spot in this week’s Baseball America’s Hot Sheet List.

Bruce was so good this week that superlatives alone cannot do him justice. (A 2.103 OPS—are you kidding?) In last week’s Hot Sheet, we speculated that Bruce was just getting started, because he had reached base in 12 of his last 19 plate appearances. But even we could not have been prepared for this type of offensive onslaught.

We’re so glad Corey Patterson was signed for $3 million.

Bruce is hitting as well now as he has at any point in his pro career. He finished a single shy of the cycle on Wednesday, though in an encouraging sign, he did draw two unintentional walks in the game. He’s batting .366/.398/.662 overall and has hits in nine of his last 10. And for such a young lefty batter, he hangs in against his own side, batting .383/.380/.660 in 47 at-bats.

Dusty, we don’t want to rush players up here.  No need to destroy their confidence or competitive fire. He definitely needs more work.

For a man who owns a .566 career slugging percentage at the Triple-A level (at ages 20 and 21, no less), Bruce needs only to refine his batting eye (seven unintentional walks in 39 games) to get that first call-up to Cincinnati.

Just another week at the office for Mr. Bruce.  It is encouraging that he is taking more balls out of the strike zone and, other than finding a spot for him on the roster, this is probably the one area that could really bolster his chances of being in Cincinnati sooner rather than later.

Although we think it should have been yesterday.

Lazy Sunday Links and News

Jay Bruce, the Reds’ #1 minor league prospect and Baseball America’s Minor League Player of the year, has a new blog over at Yardbarker.  He doesn’t have many entries, but I hope he does some when spring training starts and throughout the year.  He says that he is going to do some video blogs so that will be fun.  I love when athletes do blogs that actually provide a real insight into their life.

Congress wants to get involved with Pete Rose and his reinstatement.  This may be one way to endear yourself to Cincinnatians, but by getting clipped for bribery probably won’t help your cause.

My feeling on Rose is this: Why does the Hall of Fame include bats, balls, jerseys, spikes and other memorabilia of Pete Rose yet he cannot have his own plaque in the same building? Either allow him to be reinstated (he probably won’t be elected by the Veterans Committee anyways) and leave the memorabilia alone, or bar any and all mention of him in the Hall of Fame all together. 

The Reds GM Wayne Krivsky signs former Yankee 1B Andy Phillips along with five other players. RHP Jim Brower, IF Jolbert Cabrera (pronounced HOLE-bert), IF Andy Green, LHP Adam Pettyjohn were also signed but not expected to make the team.  These guys are most likely fill-ins at the minor league level since it is starting to get a little thin at a few positions down on the farm. 

Roger Clemens is a popular guy these days.  Even Congress wants him to come and hang out, along with his buddy Andy Pettitte.  Commissioner Selig, Players Union President Don Fehr and Senator Mitchell also got an invite to testify the day before.