Lazy Sunday News and Links…Again

New Reds

The Reds have singed a bunch of players to new contracts with invites to spring training.

Veteran Craig Wilson, who plays in the outfield and first base, was signed on Feb. 9th. Some see this move as a possible impetus to a deal that would involve Joey Votto packaged with some others in order to acquire Joe Blanton from the A’s. John Fay is also reporting that Billy Beane is also asking for Johnny Cueto and another player to be included in a deal. In our opinion, this would be a colossal mistake and hopefully Krivsky will keep his head and not pull the trigger.

From a Reds Press Release:

“Blanton, who signed a one-year, $3.7 million contract with the A’s on Jan. 18 to avoid arbitration, would be a boost in the No. 3 spot. The right-hander was 14-10 with a 3.95 ERA in 230 innings pitched last season. He walked just 40 batters and struck out 140 but one red flag was his 5.11 ERA on the road compared to 2.69 at home.”

On February 1st, the Reds signed LHP Scott Sauerback and C Paul Bako. Both were invited to soak in the sun down in Sarasota. Sauerback might be an option down in the bully to give Dusty Baker the option of not bringing in Mike Stanton.

The Reds also signed grizzled vet Kent Merker to a minor league deal with an invite to spring training. Merker did not pitch in 2007 due to injury and more than likely will not make the roster.

Spring Training on TV

We are super excited about the possibility about seeing some live spring training games this spring. FSN Ohio, which expanded its regular season last year, will broadcast three spring games.


March 10 vs. Yankees (7:15 PM)

March 17 vs. Tigers (1:05 PM)
March 24 vs. Blue Jays (7:05 PM)


This is one of the best things that has happened since the new ownership group took over. Expanding coverage during the regular season and now spring training will certainly help grow the fan base some. However, putting a winning product on the field will be the biggest boost. Speaking of which….

FSN Ohio Classic Reds

We failed to mention this a few weeks back but FSN Ohio has been playing Classic Reds games. We guess this is another attempt to drum up support for the upcoming season. They have played Pete’s 4192 hit game, Game 4 of the 1990 World Series, and Tom Seaver’s no-hitter.

Tomorrow night they will replay the 2006 Reds vs. Indians game in which Adam Dunn hits a grand slam off closer Bob Wickman to win the game. This was one of the most dramatic comebacks in recent memory due to the Reds being down and out early in the ballgame. We considering doing a sorta-live blog of the game as it goes down, trying to recall how we felt during the game and its amazing conclusion. Stay tuned for that.