Should Reds Follow Yankees Lead?

Sitting here going through some of the articles written over the past few weeks about the empty seats at the new Yankee Stadium and seeing how the Yankees have finally bowed to the pressure by restructuring their pricing tiers, I wonder if the Reds should do something similar.

When you have a stadium crowd of less than 10,000 in “paid” attendance, it is really embarrassing.  This isn’t the Florida Marlins playing in a football stadium under the constant threat of rain.  Nor is it the Yankees in which tickets previously topped out at $2,500 per game.

The most expensive seats in the ballpark, those in the Diamond Club level right behind home plate, are priced at $230 a piece.  Every single night I see that most of these seats go unused and are empty for the entire game.  Aren’t these the type of seats that should be filled?  Should the Reds reduce the Diamond Club seats?  What about Club 4192?

I still don’t buy the argument that because school is still in session that this is the reason that game attendance is so low.  Plenty of kids are shown in the stands each night, even during the week.

I think there seems to be some sort of stigma attached to this team when it comes to the price of going to the game.  The average ticket price comes in at under $20.  You can also buy the $5 seats and *ahem* move down closer to the action given that there are many open seats in prime locations.

While the ballpark is not directly accessable on foot nor is it a “neighborhood” park like Wrigley, there should be something the Reds can do, other than winning and give aways, to draw people down to the park.

I am just tired of being embarrassed over the lack of attendance on a nightly basis.


2 Responses

  1. In my opinion, all-in-all Reds games are a great deal. You can find ways to reduce your costs if you just know how. Your $5 seat recommendation is good. Also, by standing in line for a little longer, you can get $1 pop and hot dogs. Cincinnati also has $1 parking garages that aren’t very far from the stadium.

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