Jocketty: Reds pursuing Weathers, Hairston

From John Fay:

Walt Jocketty is reluctant to name the names of all of free agents on the current roster the Reds are talking to, but he confirmed that the club has made proposals to David Weathers and Jerry Hairston Jr.

“We’re waiting to hear back from their agents,” he said.

Weathers, 38, was a key part of the bullpen last year. He went 4-6 with 3.25 ERA in 72 games. Hairston, 32, hit .326 with a .384 on-base percentage. He stole 15 bases in 18 tries. The team played exceeding well with him in the leadoff spot. But he struggled with injuries throughout the second half.

Fay also feels that Jeremy Affeldt and Mike Lincoln could also be asked to return to the team next year.  But that is John Fay talking.

While Hairston was a pleasant surprise last year, he couldn’t stay healthy and I don’t think Ryan Freel can either.  Center field is going to be a huge hole going into the offseason (I guess we are already there as of Septemeber).

David Weathers gives me a heart attack every time he comes into the game. While he pitched well on the road, Weathers will continue to fail as long as Dusty insists on putting him in three games in a row.  Remember that Milwaukee game where the Reds had a chance to beat C.C. Sabathia?  If he does come back, it would have to be for such a low salary that it would be okay if the time came and Weathers needed to be cut or DFA’d.


John Fay Should Do More Research

John Fay, the Reds beat reporter for the Enquirer wrote an article on July 28 about how the words “walks” and “clogging bases” was attributed to Dusty “some years ago”.

HOUSTON – It’s one of the statements forever linked to Dusty Baker.

Some years ago, he said “walks” and “clogging the bases” in the same sentence. He’s been ripped by sabermetric types since.

However, it was only back in February of 2008 that Mark Sheldon, the Reds beat reporter for wrote this during spring training.

“What you do is run the pitcher’s count up, that helps,” Baker said. “You put him in the stretch, that helps. But your job in the middle is to either score them or drive them in. The name of the game is scoring runs. Sometimes, you get so caught up in on-base percentage that you’re clogging up the bases.”

Nice work, Mr. Fay.  Next time do a little more research.  And stop trying to protect the manager of this horrid team.

A Response for John Fay

Reds beat reporter for the Cincinnati Enquirer recently asked the question on his Reds Insider blog why fans weren’t coming to the games citing a drop in attendance so far this season at GABP.

So what we did was to calculate the cost of going to a Reds game, for one person, from Louisville, cost of a ticket, food, and parking, and gas.

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