Dunn for Manny?

Shysterball has an interesting take:

If I’m Theo, I call up Jocketty right now and offer a straight-up Manny for Dunner deal. Manny is pro-rata $20M for the rest of the year with club options the Reds can decline. Dunn is $13M pro-rata, with a $500K buyout. If the money is an issue for the Reds, I’m sure Boston would throw a little their way to get the deal done. Dunn would have to approve — he can list ten clubs to which he would accept a trade — but I would sincerely hope he would approve a deal to the Red Sox for the chance at a ring, even if his long term future is with the Rangers or something.

An intriguing scenario, however, I still say that the Reds need to re-sign Dunn.  His .941 OPS ranks ninth in the NL and he is currently OPS+ of 141, exactly where he finished his 2005 season and five points below his 2004 season.


Rob Neyer Talks Jared Burton

Neyer is becoming my favorite baseball writer.  Very digestible information with tons of cool articles and he isn’t overly stat/sabermetric heavy, although there is some of that too.  If you don’t have an Insiders subscription yet, it is almost worth it to read Neyer.

From his July 18th blog post on ESPN.com [Insiders Subscription Required]

As for Jared Burton … Well, let’s just say that among the 200-plus relievers employed in the major leagues at any one moment, I have little or no awareness of a significant percentage of them. If you’d asked me last week, “Does a guy named Jared Burton pitch for the Reds”? I might have said, “Now that you mention it, yeah.” But when I saw Burton’s name on the list of players the A’s drafted in 2008, it didn’t jump out at me, at all. Which really is inexcusable, considering how well Burton’s actually pitched. Last year he was good, if a bit hit-lucky. This year he’s been outstanding: 2.23 ERA, 50 strikeouts and 17 walks in 48 innings. And hats off to the Reds for choosing Burton in the Rule 5 draft prior to 2006.

I love Jared Burton and hope he returns soon because my heart cannot take any more of David Weathers trying to be the set-up man. Especially if Dusty thinks that it is a good idea to pitch him three days in a row and two innings on the third day.

Week Wrap-up

You Know What Grinds My Gears? In a critical situation, Mike Lincoln makes a terrific stand on the mound versus David Wright and Carlos Beltran and gets no help from the crowd.  Cincinnati fans can be passionate about wanting to run Adam Dunn out of town, but they can’t get behind thier pitchers (or hitters) in critical situations.  Not one person in the crowd on Saturday night got up to cheer on Lincoln during the two crucial at-bats.  Are Cincinnati fans really that great?

Jeff Brantley, please stop: How much hyperbole does this guy speak?  The plays by Brandon Phillips and Jeff Keppinger are amazing, but their is no reason to go on and on about how they are the best at what they do.  Brantley is starting to grate on me a bit.  It is almost as if he is projecting himself onto the field as a player.   Jeff makes Chris Welch seem tame in this regard.  There is homerism and then there is Jeff Brantley.

Triple A All-Star game: This was a lot of fun.  It was a great game that was supported very well by the Louisville fans (reportedly sold out), despite the Pacific Coast League pulling out the win in the ninth.  There were even pockets of PCL fans (mostly displaced St. Louis Cardinal fans rooting for the Memphis All-Stars) that traveled to Louisville to see the game.  Did anyone see this on ESPN?  I was curious as to how well Louisville Slugger Field looked on television and what they said about Louisville during the broadcast since I don’t have access to a recording device.

Triple A Home Run Derby: This was not fun.  Again, it was well attended but definitely was not worth the $14 spent.  Even with the microphone problems they had with the MC, it was a pretty boring event due to the lack of power these supposed power hitters seemed to have.  Apparently the PCL guys were having trouble with the thick humidity that was present that night and the fact that Slugger Field is one of the largest parks in both leagues.  Fortuntely I got home in time to see the big boys (including Hobbs) do it right at Yankee Stadium.

Reds on Radio Problems, sorta: Apparently the 93.9 “The Ticket” website has been marked as a harmful website.  As I told you before, the Louisville Reds on Radio affiliate is run by about 5 people and they are pretty horrbile.  Only one Reds game has not aired on the station or its sister station since the move from WKRD, but if they want to be around, they need to get their act together.  I really wouldn’t be surprised if they folded.  Everyday I hear them begging asking for advertising, despite being the ESPN affiliate in town.

David Ross Interview On Country Fastball.  A program that is webcast and blends country music with interviews of baseball players and musicians from the country music scene is featuring the Reds catcher this week.  Hopefully they will have some sort of archive since I posted about this too late.

Still Staying Positive: About the Reds season.  They dropped two games versus the Mets and thus lost 2 games in the wild card which puts the deficit at 9 games behind the Cardinals.  From here on out, they don’t have any more west coast games (going to Arizona but not the coast) so that is a positive thing.  With games against the Padres and Rockies at home and then going on the road to Houston and Washington, this should be a time for the team to pick up several wins without having to suffer too many losses.  We shall see.

Marty Assigned Security in Chi-Town

After Marty Brennamans’ episode on April 16 when the Reds were in Chicago, someone decided that it would be best for the long-time Reds broadcaster to be assigned a security detail during the current three game stand in the Windy City.  Mark Sheldon, the MLB.com beat writer for the Reds said that Marty, so far, hasn’t encountered any problems.

At Navy Pier with his family, a ride worker told Brennaman’s daughter he had a bone to pick with “Thom Brennaman,” who is Marty’s son and broadcast partner.

“That would be me you’re talking about,” Marty told the gentleman. He said that they chatted pleasantly for 15 minutes, and all was good.

As with Adam Dunn’s dust-up with Blue Jay’s G.M. J.P. Riccardi, I support Marty when he (tells the truth) calls out the Cubs fans for being idiots.  Marty even says, in reference to throwing the ball onto the field after a home run, “It is a Chicago Cubs tradition that other people have copied throughout Major League Baseball and I’m fine with that.” Here are the original comments from the broadcast:

Dickerson Helps Bats Go Green

With all the focus on the environment these days, why not try and reduce waste in the dugout, clubhouse, and the seating areas by going green. Chris Dickerson, Reds prospect at Triple-A Louisville wants to do just that.  He has asked for and received water bottles for all the Bats on the team.  By using these, he and the Bats hope to reduce the tremendous amount of waste left behind by the players and coaches.  C.L. Brown, Bats beat writer for the Louisville Courier Journal wrote an article about the change in today’s paper.  Dickerson also hopes to spread the word to other teams and their members when they come into town next week for the Triple-A All-Star game here in Louisville.

“The All-Star Game is supposed to be a go-green event,” Dickerson said. “It’s not necessarily the exposure from the game, but word of mouth. Maybe this viral episode of action can happen where people start to pay more attention to the issue and do more stuff around their own homes and be more aware of what’s going on.”

Kudos to Dickerson and Bats management for taking the first step in reducing waste and trying to change the culture of the clubhouse for the good of the environment.  I have seen recycling bins around Great American Ballpark, but they aren’t very convenient to find.  Hopefully the Reds, as a total organization, take the initiative and make changes to be a more “green” franchise.

Starting to Come Together

The Reds complete the home stand at 5-2 (should have been 6-1 had Weathers not blown the second game versus the Pirates) and have chopped two games off the wild card lead, which is now down to seven.  They will now head out onto the road before the All-Star Break going to division leading Chicago and Milwaukee.  Do I even need to say that this is a big road trip? Going 4-2 would be awesome and a sweep of the Cubs could make it super sweet.   The division lead is still 10.5 but that is better than having no chance.

The Brewers have apparently landed C.C. Sabathia in a deal with the Indians, as of Sunday night.  Hopefully he is not on the schedule to pitch, but something tells me that he will be. Matt LaPorta and two mid-level prospects are thought to be in the deal from the Brewers.  In his last start against the Reds on June 27th, Sabathia pitched 8 innings, allowed 4 hits, no runs, and struck out 11 Reds en route to a 6-0 Cleveland win.

Redleg Nation has put up an interesting article about a radio delay in the broadcast so it would better sync up with the TV broadcast.  As you know, I am very passionate about the radio broadcast and this move is nice, but I haven’t seen a lot of improvement.  Generally I have the radio on and the TV muted but it would be nice if they were at least a little closer.  On the old affiliate, they were close without any tinkering by Reds on Radio.  Werid.  Anything is better than George Grand wax poetic about Griffey’s 600+ home runs and the “Crafty Lefthander”.

Congradulations to Edinson Volquez being named to the All-Star team.  Although he certianly deserves to start and I will probably be mad if he doesn’t, I have a feeling that he won’t be selected by NL manager Clint Hurdle.  Brandon Webb, Dan Haren, Ryan Depster, and Tim Lincecum among others were named.

Speaking of Tim Lincecum, Tom Verducci wrote an amazing article for this past weeks Sports Illustrated on the Giants ace.  Most of the article was dedicated to Lincecum’s unortodox pitching style and the mechanics behind it.  The article also had a lot of intersting facts and discussion about how new technology is being developed by former Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson that is being used to teach young pitchers how to pitch, with maximum output, without doing any unncessary damage to their arms.  This is a subject that will be coming up more and more as pitchers have reached their max load and clubs that are now trying to preserve thier multi-million dollar investements through scientifically measruable biomechanics rather than the old method of “eyeballing” a prospect.  A must read for any baseball fan.