Sunday Deep Thoughts

Just to wrap-up the week that was in Reds baseball.

Chris Dickerson is looking really good, but I don’t expect it to last and neither does Red Leg Nation.  Sometimes athleticism can be viewed as baseball skills and that seems to be the case with Dickerson.  He may have a hot start, but is he or any of the guys on the DL (Freel, Hopper) really the long-term answer?

Adam Done It is definitely sad to see Dunn go to Arizona.  The same people who ran him out of town are being a bit revisionist and now questioning how the Reds will score runs.  Small ball only works in a few instances (bunting over a man late in the game; ie high leverage situations).  So if other teams in the Reds’ division have a power threat (Lance Berkman, Derrick Lee, Prince Fielder et al.) how are the Reds going to match their power when no power threat exists?

Aaron Harang Should be shut down for the rest of the season.  He obviously did not recover from the 18 inning debacle in San Diego when he was forced to pitch in relief and then return on three-days rest.  There is a high potential that he could get severely injured and this wouldn’t bode well in Jocketty’s master plan of being “one or two players away” for 2009.  This is perfect cover for the Reds to bring Homer Bailey back to pitch through the end of the season. Something they should have done instead of pitching Fogg.

I also recommend that they limit Volquez as much as possible down the streach.  He pitched very well Sunday versus the Cardinals, but let him rest.  Remember, he is in his first full major league season and he also pitched winter ball.

Meaningful September Baseball For the Louisville Bats.  Going into Sunday’s game with the Columbus Clippers, the Bats are 13 games ahead of the second place team in the International League West division, which (in all likely hood) secures them a spot in the playoffs.  The Bats will have at least two games at home with a maximum of five if they go on to win.  If local news coverage was any indication, you would never know this to be the case.  Ticket packages are now available on their website.

I’m a little selfish  in not wanting mass September call-ups to happen so that the Bats can have a run to the championship.

Speaking of the Bats Beat writer CL Brown has been promoted to head beat writer for the University of Louisville at the Courier Journal.  Brown covered the Bats until former beat writer Brian Bennett was hired by to write for their Big East Blog.  If you remember, Bennett was the blogger/writer who did a live blog of the University of Louisville baseball team during the 2007 Super Regional game and was asked to leave the pressbox by an NCAA official.


“The Other Guy” in Volquez Trade

An interesting article by C.L. Brown, the Louisville Bats beat writer, about Danny Herrera, the “throw-in” guy that was sent by the Texas Rangers along with Edison Volquez for Josh Hamilton.