Jocketty: Reds pursuing Weathers, Hairston

From John Fay:

Walt Jocketty is reluctant to name the names of all of free agents on the current roster the Reds are talking to, but he confirmed that the club has made proposals to David Weathers and Jerry Hairston Jr.

“We’re waiting to hear back from their agents,” he said.

Weathers, 38, was a key part of the bullpen last year. He went 4-6 with 3.25 ERA in 72 games. Hairston, 32, hit .326 with a .384 on-base percentage. He stole 15 bases in 18 tries. The team played exceeding well with him in the leadoff spot. But he struggled with injuries throughout the second half.

Fay also feels that Jeremy Affeldt and Mike Lincoln could also be asked to return to the team next year.  But that is John Fay talking.

While Hairston was a pleasant surprise last year, he couldn’t stay healthy and I don’t think Ryan Freel can either.  Center field is going to be a huge hole going into the offseason (I guess we are already there as of Septemeber).

David Weathers gives me a heart attack every time he comes into the game. While he pitched well on the road, Weathers will continue to fail as long as Dusty insists on putting him in three games in a row.  Remember that Milwaukee game where the Reds had a chance to beat C.C. Sabathia?  If he does come back, it would have to be for such a low salary that it would be okay if the time came and Weathers needed to be cut or DFA’d.


Quotable Reds

If their quotes are any sort of indication that the Reds have a little life left in them, Ken Griffey Jr. and David Weathers have some interesting words for the media and the team.

David Weathers was upset with Jeff Brantely when he called the team “quitters”.   Via the Enquirer and beat writer John Fay, Weathers lamented that he was upset with the Reds on Radio broadcaster about his comments following Sunday’s loss (and ass-kicking) at the hands of the Atlanta Braves.

“All I said if this easy to play baseball, he should find a uniform and play,” Weathers said. “I was basically was taking up for my teammates. I heard some comments that he thought guys were quitting. I didn’t feel that way. It’s easy to say that when things are going tough for a team. It’s easy to dog-pile. I felt like he was doing that.”

Brantley was called out last year by Todd Coffey when Jeff said something about Coffey “trying to pitch with one hand around your neck”. Ouch.

While brutal in nature, Brantley’s comments are exactly what the Reds have been lacking in the clubhouse for many years.  When is the last time we have heard a player go on a tirade? How about a manager?  When is the last time a Cincinnati pitcher has plunked a batter because he gets way too many hits off of Reds pitching (see Bill Hall)?

It is not the job of the radio announcer to fire you up. You should be able to do it on your own.

In other news, Ken Griffey Junior told USA Today that he wants to be on a contender.

“My situation is different only because I can tell them where I want to go. I want to be in position to win a championship. I’m not strong-arming anybody, but that’s the way it is.”

It may be necessary to move Griffey before the trade deadline or not pick up his $16mil one year option.