Tom Browning Arrested

Via AP and

Former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Tom Browning has been arrested and charged with not paying child support, according to jail records uncovered by the Associated Press.

Browning, best known for throwing a perfect game in 1988 and currently a Minor League pitching coach in the Reds organization, was arrested Friday and was being held on $99,008.36 bail, according to the AP.

Browning isn’t the nicest guy around the Reds organization but it is unfortnate that he has to go through something like this.  Hopefully he gets this cleared up soon.


One Response

  1. I must disagree. Mr. Browning is one damn nice guy. He always has time to chat, sign autographs, and is funny as hell to talk to. I have never been turned down for an autograph by him and he will sign anything you put in front of him. He is so down to Earth. If he is truly guilty, then shame on him, he made a mistake and will pay accordingly. But please people, unless you are privy to the facts, don’t rush to judgement.

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