On The Radio…or Off

As readers of this blog you may know my undying quest to see that the Reds on Radio broadcast is loud and clear from the beginning of the game to the end, without interruption.  That, however, is proving to be elusive.

Last year I contacted Joe Zerhusen and met him in person at RedsFest.  He told me that they were trying everything to get a reliable signal to Louisville for all of the games.  Someone at the Reds Winter Caravan stop here in Louisville also asked the same question but got the brush off by George Grande who was mceeing the event.

If I thought another letter would help the situation, I would definintely write one.  I know Joe Zerhusen is working hard.  The problem is that there aren’t any stations with strong signals willing to give up their nightly programming so a small but dedicated audience can listen to a baseball game.

If you are so inclined and still feel that this situation needs to be changed, please feel free to contact Joe via letter or e-mail yourself (send it c/o The Reds using the Great American Ballpark address) and tell him that you are still unsatisified with the way things are going.


Disturbing Trends

From CBS Sportsline.com

Chris Dickerson might well be the team’s best athlete, which makes his most recent injury — a lump the size of a sugarcube over his right eye, caused when he walked into a hotel’s revolving door — all the more worrying. … Alex Gonzalez’s last hit came on Sept. 21, 2007. That is not, sadly, an exaggeration for comic effect. … Arthur Rhodes and David Weathers, being all trusty and whatnot, are on pace to appear in something like 154 games each.

I guess this isn’t as bad as the Astros:

For purposes of the 2009 Power Rankings, all games played against the Astros will be stricken from the record. Beating the Astros is like beating a bunch of gloveless nuns and should be weighted as such. … They should start the inevitable rebuilding process yesterday. Jose Valverde could fetch a few mid-level prospects from a contender lacking bullpen depth and Roy Oswalt, who will be in decline by the time the ‘Stros have restocked the pantry, would be coveted by at least 10 teams.

R.I.P. Harry Kalas

The long-time Phillies announcer and voice of NFL Films has passed.

The 73 year-old native of Napersville, Illinois died today shortly before the Phillies game against the Washington Nationals in D.C. after collapsing in the broadcast booth.

He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and will be sorely missed by the entire baseball community.  Especially those, like me, who love the legandary voices of the game like Kalas and Vin Scully.  I’ve listened to multiple Phillies games over the years just to hear him say, “OUTTTAAA HERRRRE” on his famous home run call.


This is not based on anything scientific or for that matter, sabermetric.

AL East-New York Yankees
AL West-LA Angels
AL Central-Cleveland Indians
Wild Card-Tampa Bay Rays

There is a tremendous burden on the Yankees and their payroll that rivals most small nations.  Those enormous expectations will play into what happens in the AL East.  The Angels win the AL West by default since there are no other intriguing teams in that division.  The AL Central is probably the most wide open, however.  While the Tigers may contend, I think the Indians’ time has come again to make another run at the playoffs.  The Rays haven’t changed much and, in fact, have improved slightly with Pat Burrell at DH and they have David Price waiting in the wings to be brought up from the minors after preforming brilliantly late last season.

NL East-Philadelphia Phillies
NL West-LA Dodgers
NL Central-Chicago Cubs
Wild Card-NY Mets

I don’t think adding J.J. Putz and K-Rod at the back of the rotation is enough to put the Mets over the top in the division, but I do think it is enough for the wild card.  The Dodgers are solid but may have problems with their pitching.  The Cubs will win the Central (again) and not really be tested by any other teams in the division.

World Series
Phillies vs. Indians, Phillies in 6

The World Series is a total guess as are the rest of these predictions, but it should be another great year of baseball.

Opening Day Weather

From AccuWeather. Yikes.

High: 43°F RealFeel®: 34°F
Windy and much colder with a couple of showers of rain or snow

I hope this does not prompt another round of the yearly “Baseball games needs to start later and only be played in warm weather cities on opening day” columns from the writers.

It is an outside game.  Deal with it.  The same thing applies for World Series games in late October and early November, especially this year due to the World Baseball Classic.

Tom Browning Arrested

Via AP and MLB.com:

Former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Tom Browning has been arrested and charged with not paying child support, according to jail records uncovered by the Associated Press.

Browning, best known for throwing a perfect game in 1988 and currently a Minor League pitching coach in the Reds organization, was arrested Friday and was being held on $99,008.36 bail, according to the AP.

Browning isn’t the nicest guy around the Reds organization but it is unfortnate that he has to go through something like this.  Hopefully he gets this cleared up soon.

About the Hiatus

I wanted to finally get back on the horse and start blogging again but wanted to wait until the college basketball season was complete.  As of yesterday’s crushing loss, I can now start paying attention to baseball again.

Over the next week I will be updating and revamping the site so that it will be ready for opening day next Monday.  By adding and subtracting links and doing some other things I had in mind for the site, I hope to better serve the readership (the few of you that remain) for the upcoming season.

If you have a link or site that you want to see featured here OR if you have ideas for content (Twitter feed?) please let me know in the comments so that I can add them in as I see fit.

I apologize about the layoff but college basketball is a little more important to me than the spring baseball season.