This is not based on anything scientific or for that matter, sabermetric.

AL East-New York Yankees
AL West-LA Angels
AL Central-Cleveland Indians
Wild Card-Tampa Bay Rays

There is a tremendous burden on the Yankees and their payroll that rivals most small nations.  Those enormous expectations will play into what happens in the AL East.  The Angels win the AL West by default since there are no other intriguing teams in that division.  The AL Central is probably the most wide open, however.  While the Tigers may contend, I think the Indians’ time has come again to make another run at the playoffs.  The Rays haven’t changed much and, in fact, have improved slightly with Pat Burrell at DH and they have David Price waiting in the wings to be brought up from the minors after preforming brilliantly late last season.

NL East-Philadelphia Phillies
NL West-LA Dodgers
NL Central-Chicago Cubs
Wild Card-NY Mets

I don’t think adding J.J. Putz and K-Rod at the back of the rotation is enough to put the Mets over the top in the division, but I do think it is enough for the wild card.  The Dodgers are solid but may have problems with their pitching.  The Cubs will win the Central (again) and not really be tested by any other teams in the division.

World Series
Phillies vs. Indians, Phillies in 6

The World Series is a total guess as are the rest of these predictions, but it should be another great year of baseball.


2 Responses

  1. You always seem to know the latest on the Reds on the radio in Louisville. What’s the deal? Are we actually going to get to hear them this year?

  2. forgot to check the email follow-up

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