Dunn “had offer from Nats”

From John Heyman of SI.com

The market has been mostly quiet for free agent slugger Adam Dunn, but a baseball source said Dunn did receive a contract offer from the Nationals, who badly want a power hitter. The Nats targeted Dunn after making a spirited free-agent run at Mark Teixeira, who signed with the Yankees. But so far, Dunn hasn’t seemed eager to sign with Washington.

Dunn could still wind up in Washington, but the Nationals’ offer has sat there so long he’s sent a clear message he’d prefer to go elsewhere. One other possibility for Dunn could be the Dodgers if they aren’t able to work out a contract with Manny Ramirez, who is by far their first choice to enhance their offense.

One quibble I have with Heyman as he writes later…

Dunn was hoping to hit the jackpot in the free-agent market, and one baseball executive said he believes former Dunn teammate Brandon Phillips‘ contention that Dunn was hoping for a $100 million contract.

I thought Bronson Arroyo made the comment after Dunn was traded and not Brandon? Am I wrong?


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    Mind Blowing!

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