Griardi Speaks at Louisville Dinner

The manager of the New York Yankees, Joe Girardi addressed the University of Louisville Baseball Lead-off Dinner on last Friday night as the keynote speaker to start the collegiate baseball season.

Girardi, along with his son Dante, addressed about 400 guests during Friday night’s dinner talking about several important aspects of baseball and life.  He addressed the importance of relationships in the clubhouse and taking charge when something goes wrong.  Forceful in nature and very intense, Girardi mentioned several times, as did  second-year head coach of Louisville baseball Dan McDonnell, that several of the players were missing due to “poor choices” made prior to the dinner.  Those players were barred from being a part of the dinner for an undisclosed reason.

Prior to Girardi making his address, Louisville baseball head coach Dan McDonnell told the players pointedly, “We are already behind”.  Stressing the need to “get out of the gate” fast, McDonell told his players and the fans that pre-season rankings mean nothing.  Citing multiple polls (Louisville is anywhere from 8 to 25 in various national polls) he told the players that they must come together quickly and work harder at their various drills during the short trainging period starting today before heading down to Florida for thier first games of the season.

After Girardi’s address, emcee Sean Moth interviewed Girardi about his playing days, people who he worked with, and what it was like being the Yankee manager.

Louisville finished the season as Big East Conference champions for the first time ever, but failed to advance in the NCAA tournement.  In 2007, Louisville reached its first ever College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska.


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  2. […] is no Zito / Girardi speaks at Louisville Dinner / Yankee Bench & […]

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