25 Days and Counting

With football nearly over and college basketball (admittedly my favorite sport) in full swing, it is time to look forward to spring training in just 25 days until pitchers and catchers report.

I came across this article in the Hearld Tribune about the the city of Sarasota still receiving money from the state of Florida despite not going ahead with plans to build a new stadium.

For nearly two years, Sarasota has been getting a monthly check of $41,667 from the state to finance a stadium deal with the Cincinnati Reds deal.

— snip —

All the while, though, those monthly checks kept coming in and now amount to $958,341. Fort Lauderdale has also been getting monthly checks and has not been able to reach a deal to keep the Orioles.

It is not free money, though. It can only be spent on a stadium deal that includes at least a 15-year lease.

The one catch: The state cannot get back the money that it has already paid out to the city.  Sort of.

Of course, since the Legislature wrote the original loopholed law, it can just write a new one requiring Sarasota and/or Fort Lauderdale to give the money back.

I can’t believe that the citizens of Florida would be happy with $1MM in funds just sitting in Sarasota with no way to spend it given the economic hit that the state has taken over lost tourism dollars.


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