ESPN Feeling Heat from MLB-N?

It looks like ESPN has taken a cue from the launch of MLB-N on New Years Day and has tried to upgrade their hot stove coverage.

ESPN has just now started to advertise their new Hot Stove show on Tuesday nights starting at 6 PM.  This show would run in competition with MLB-N’s 24-hour coverage of the league and all the happenings going on this off season.

They have also announced that starting January 5th, ESPN Classic will run a MLB game of the week that be shown every Monday night until opening day.

Competition is good and now Baseball Tonight will have to step its game up and (hopefully) cover more teams other than the big four (NYY, Boston, Cubs, Mets).

Hopefully Insight Communications will get enough requests from customers so that they will add it to their regular line-up and I can get a glimpse of what everyone is talking about.


One Response

  1. Good deal, ESPN needs more competition. Also, can you check out my Reds blog and can we possibly do a link exchange? Thanks!

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