So this Taveras thing..

I have been taking a few sick days over the past week or so so please forgive the tardiness of the post.

I’m not at all excited about this acqusition after looking at Justin’s numbers.  I can’t wait for Marty and Jeff to hammer home the fact that Willy is a hustler, and works hard at…uh…bunting.

Please tell me that something bigger is on the way.  Please tell me that Bob C. has a big splash up his sleeve since he is such a dedicated Reds fan.

Since they clearly aren’t going after Adam Dunn, may I suggest Manny Ramirez?  His stock seems to be headed in a negative direction ever since the signing of Mark Teixeria.

Someone call up the Hot Stove Report radio show and give Marty crap about Willy’s .308 OBP last season.  And then have Marty blow another gasket telling listeners that numbers don’t matter and how Willy will be a “run-producer” or how “he’s paid to get on-base”.



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