Another RedsFest Note

Just a final note to wrap-up RedsFest and the weekend.

I talked to Joe Zerhusen, the PA announcer at GABP and Reds on Radio affiliatte manager, face to face on Saturday at the Duke Energy Center.

He was a very nice man and told me that he had recieved my letter about the problems we’ve been having in Louisville over the broadcast here the past few seasons.

Zerhusen told me that it really is a matter of not having an alternative station to the only sports station in town (WKRD) to use as an affiliate here in Louisville.  For now, Reds broadcasts will be on 1450 AM, which drops significantly at night right around the 8PM hour.

He acknowldeged the problem and said that he would even consider making the trek down to Louisville in order to check on the signal at night at different parts around town in hopes of improving the situation.

I really want to thank him for his sincerity and helpfulness during this whole ordeal and he really is trying to do his best to remedy the situation.

Hopefully something can be resovled soon and they can have an announcement during the winter caravan tour to Louisville in late January.


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  1. Keep fighting the good fight.

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