Reds Interested in Beimel

Perhaps this is just me being excited for any off-season news, but it looks like the Reds could be interested in former Dodger reliever, Joe Beimel.

Beimel, 31, is a left hander that pitched 49 innings last year for the Dodgers.  He allowed 50 hits and 21 walks (1.449 WHIP) during that time, but only gave up 11 runs. His home/road splits are a little concerning given that he pitches in a cavernous Dodger Stadium (Home: 1.16 ERA, Away: 2.81 ERA), but he could still be very helpful specialist in the pen and could probably be had for a cheap price.  He made $1.925MIL last season.

Fangraphs notes that he has only given up ONE homerun in two years. They also say that he should not be considered to be anything than a specialist reliever with the poor walk and strikeout rates.

This would be a nice, dare I say, up grade from an aging David Weathers that is to have said be looking for a multi-year deal.

Update: 8:31 PM

OKay, maybe not.  (Such is the life of a blogger).

Mark Sheldon is now reporting that the Reds haven’t even talked to Beimel’s agent and the market for his services is growing due to Darren Oliver’s arbitration offer.


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