What’s the Big Deal?

Alan Schwartz has a very good article in today’s New York Times in which he writes about past World Series’ that have been rained out and delayed. Not to mention a big game in the 1975 Series:

The Red Sox and Cincinnati Reds arrived in Boston to a nor’easter and waited as Friday’s scheduled Game 6 was postponed two days in a row. On Sunday, when clearing seemed imminent but Fenway Park remained drenched, Commissioner Bowie Kuhn had to decide whether to try playing the next night — squarely against “All in the Family” on CBS and a new sensation called “Monday Night Football” on ABC — or postpone Game 6 all the way to Tuesday.

So what we are experiencing isn’t new.

I would also submit the 1989 World Series in the Bay area between the Giants and A’s.  At the beginning of Game Three that was to be played at Candlestick Park, the Loma Prieta earthquake, with a magnitude of 6.9, shook the stadium and surrounding area.  The Series was delayed for 10 days.  Obviously the “Earthquake Series” delay was a little more serious because it dealt with a natural disaster and people’s lives were at risk (not to mention the infrastructure integrity of a packed stadium).

The media today needs something to talk about and with 24-hours to fill on the news and countless hours on talk radio, I believe that this minor delay is getting a little too much attention.  Perhaps Bud Selig did make a bad decision in starting Game 5 in Philly, but looking at the grand scheme of things, it really isn’t that huge of a deal.

What happens when the Minnesota Twins move to their new open-air stadium and make it to the World Series?  Are we going to wait for three feet of snow to melt before they can play?  Move the Series to Milwaukee?

I am very much looking foward to tonight’s game (and the rest of the Series if it continues).  Rain, earthquakes, and other unique happenings are what makes these events memorable and, in this year’s case, historic.  Baseball will go on rain or shine.


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