Game 6 Live Blog

8:05-We are finally getting started after a three night rain delay.  Fox would have hated this. Here we go. A view of Luis Tiant’s father who pitched against Hubble down in Cuba. Cool.

8:08-Dick Stockton was messing up counts, outs, batters’ names, days of the week, and everything else even back then. Can’t someone see that this guy is going to be trouble down the road?  Rose flies to left field and Yaz has a nice sliding catch only possible by playing shallow in front of the Green Monster.

8:11-Ken Griffey Sr. walks.  “A speed merchant” described by Stockton, must be watched closely by Tiant. Chicken wing Morgan pops out to Fisk. Two outs.

8:15-Bench 5-19 in the Series so far but only one hit versus Tiant.

It is amazing how different Fenway Park looks without all of the advertisements, especially behind home plate.

Bench stirkes out. Inning over.

8:16-We learn from Tony Kubeck that the third base umpire has been threatened by wire and is being given FBI protection. Wow.

8:17-Gary Nolan makes Cooper fly out to Geronimo. One out.

8:19-Denny Doyle retired 3-1 on a fumbled ball by Perez.

8:22-Yaz singles to right.  Stockton and Kubek making a big deal over the grass field and how the grounds crew has been working on it over the past several days due to the rain.  Fisk singles, Yaz to second.  Sparky already going to the bullpen.

8:26-Freddy Lynn homers to right-center, above the Red Sox bullpen. 3-0 Sox. Petrocelli scalds one to center but Geronimo hauls it in on the warning track. Three out.

8:32-Perez swings wildly at a bad ball outside and strikes out.

8:38-Foster, fooled by Tiant’s unconventional delivery, looks bad fouling out to first. Two Out.

8:41-Concepcion flies out to center as the Fenway faithful chant, “Louie, Louie”. Three out.

8:43-Nolan beaks off a nice curveball to strike out Evans looking.

Now showing a wide shot of Fenway, it still looks very much the same except it is missing the pressbox that is now affixed to the buliding behind home plate.  Too bad the color back then was so muted on the television.  High-Definition is certainly a great invention.

8:47-Burleson grounds out; Tiant strikes out looking. Sox leading 3-0 after two.

NBC giving the on-screen “If Necessary” pro-mo for a possible Game 7.  Funny how they still talk in cliches and talk about the package of video that will be shown.  Of course we get slammed with pictures of Babe Ruth winking at the camera and waddling around the bases every time the Sox get close to a World Series win until 2004.

8:50-Geronimo strikes out and Cheney comes off the bench for Nolan and promptly flies out to Yaz in left.

8:54-Rose gets the first Reds hit and lines one to center. Griffey grounds to Doyle at second.  Like father, like son.

The other note about the broadcast is the lack of instant replay.  We see it so much, even after every pitch, that it becomes expected.  I almost wish they would go back to the old style format with fewer replays. It lets the game play out and “breathe” better.  Also the lack of an on-screen scoreboard is kinda nice.  While informative, this way it leaves the screen uncluttered and the viewer is able to see the whole game.

Norman comes on to pitch for the Reds.  And we get to see four different angles of Norman as he warms up.

8:59-Cooper pops to Conception. One out.

9:02-A very slim Don Zimmer giving signs down at third.  Doyle doubles to right.

Michael Ford, Gerald Ford’s son makes it to Fenway tonight.  What? No publicity shots of the cast of a new NBC show?

9:07-Yaz pops to second. Two out. An intentional walk issued to Fisk.

9:09-Lynn walks, Doyle to third, Fisk to second. Oh, boy.  This is not looking good for the Reds team.  Billingham asked to take over for Nolan.  Good thing Sparky has a quick hook.  Petrocelli strikes out with the bases loaded.  Marty Brennaman could not be happy. Inning over. Crisis averted.

Kubeck dropping more overused cliches.  “It’s not over with the wind blowing out and Cincinnati in town”.

9:21-Morgan grounds out.  Bench strikes out on four pitches away. Marty launches into a tirade about taking pitches and making Tiant work. Perez singles. Foster reaches first on an error. Conception fouls out to first, leaving Foster and and Perez on base.

9:30-Evans hits a ground rule double that bounces into the right field stands.  Red Sox fail to score despite having two men on with only one out.

At the end of Four: Red Sox 3, Reds 0

9:35-Geronimo flies out to right. Armbrister bats for Billingham and proceeds to walk.  Rose singles to center, Armbrister to third as Lynn gets the ball stuck in the webbing of his glove. Griffey triples off the wall in center right at the 379 mark after Lynn fails to make the catch.  Armbrister and Rose score. It looks like Lynn slammed his head on the wall going up for the ball.  Lynn gets up slowly and will remain in the game.  Morgan pops up to Petrocelli, two out.  Bench singles off the Monster, Griffey scores. Nice play by Yaz to get the ball back to the infield to limit Bench.  Double-barreled action in the Red Sox bullpen. Perez strikes out.

Middle of Five: Red Sox 3, Reds 3

9:50-Clay Carroll comes on to pitch for the Reds.  Yaz smacks a single to left and the crowd comes to it’s feet. Whoa! Nice grab and pitch to Morgan by Rose. Almost crawling on the ground, Pete flips the ball to Morgan and retires Yaz on a fielder’s choice.  Lynn flies to left. Petrocelli grounds to short, out on a fielder’s choice.

9:58-Lynn still looks hurt as he is streaching in the outfield. Concepcion flies out to right.  Geronimo is held to a single after grounding the ball off the faceing of the stands beyond third base. The ball rolls right to the fielder.  Crowley comes in for Carroll. (Always reminds me of the Earl Weaver “Manager’s Corner” video.)   We learn from Stockton that Luis Tiant smokes cigars with class, “even in the shower”. Uh….okay?

Crowley singles to shortstop. Rose pops out to short. End of the top of the sixth.

10:10-Bottom of the sixth. Pedro Borbon now pitching.

WOW! “Bob Hope Quarter-Century of Comedy” coming this Friday night 8-10 PM! Bing Crosby, Lucille Ball! All the stars!

Morgan, flashing some leather, moves to his left and flips to first to get Evans.  Burelson walks.

Sparky “getting a lot of TV exposure tonight” as he walks to the mound to talk to Borbon and Bench.

Tiant tries to bunt but it goes off the plate for strike three.  Cooper grounds out to second.

A big NBC NFL double header. Those pesky Baltimore Colts take on the New York Jets and the upstart Cincinnati Bengals go up against the Atlanta Falcons. Those Bengals…I see good things for that franchise in the future.

Buffalo and OJ Simpson take on the Miami Dolphins.  I suspect that Simpson will slice through the Miami front line.

10:25-Griffey continues with the hot bat and gets another single. Morgan slaps one to left field down the line and Griffey is held at second.  Bench goes after the Green Monster but comes up short and Yaz grabs the fly ball.  Perez flies out to right, Griffey to third.  Foster doubles off the top of the wall, Griffey and Moran score. Reds 5-Sox 3 Concepcion grounds to shortstop.  Three out.

10:37-Doyle pops to shortstop. Yaz grounds to second base.  Fisk grounds out to shortstop.  Easy 1-2-3 Inning for Borbon.

10:44-Geronimo clubs the first pitch to right field. Home Run! Reds lead 6-3.

Roger Moret replaces Tiant after the Geronimo homer. Has a live fastball according to Stockton.

Borbon grounds out to first.  Rose grounds to Moret.

Stockton and Kubeck now talking about how the crowd has been out of the game since the Freddy Lynn crash into the wall and the applause for Tiant was much more subdued than expected.  Probably due to the fact that Boston is losing.

Griffey flies to center. Three out.

10:57-Lynn singles off the leg of Borbon.  The crowd tries to get into the game but can’t seem to get any momentum.  Here comes Sparky after Petrocelli walks on a high pitch. Tying run coming to the plate.   And all of the sudden, there is tension buliding at Fenway.  Eastwick comes on to pitch.  Strikes out Evans.   ….phew. Foster grabs a pop fly off the bat of Burleson. Two out.

Carbo bats for Moret.  HOME RUN! Over the centerfield wall. Lynn, Petrocelli and Carbo score and tie the game at 6.

This sucks.  The fans at Fenway are now alive and the Reds let one slip away.

End of 8: Red Sox-6 Reds-6

11:10- Drago retires Bench, Perez and Morgan in the top of the 9th.

11:19-“Big Red Machine Has Power Failure” A sign in Fenway.  Doyle walks.  Yaz has not bunted in 1975. Wow. An amazing stat to say the least.

WHOA!  Foster nails Doyle at home after catching Lynn’s fly ball in foul territory down the left field line.  What an amazing play!  Also a nice swipe tag by Bench.

12:16-Nothing doing in the 9th, 10th or 11th.

12:20-Fisk leads off the 12th with a home run. Game over.  Red Sox 7-Reds 6

It wasn’t until the replay that we see Fisk do his “Get over! Get Over!” move.  The pitch and homerun were fairly quick and not as played out as one who never saw it live had hoped.

Oh well.  See you tomorrow night for Game 7 where I hope the Reds can close this thing out in a do-or-die situation.


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  1. I found your site on Google and read a few of your other entires. Nice Stuff. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

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