Chris Welsh Ripping Dusty, Reds

Is it just me or has the Mustashioed One found his cajones and started ripping the team more and more?

Just about every broadcast that he has done for the past two months, Chris Welsh has been harping on this team almost nightly with no player or even Dusty Baker being immune.

On Friday night, Welsh ripped Dusty for a late inning substitution sending Patterson into center and Dickerson into left.  It was a NINE RUN GAME!  Welsh said,

It is does not make a nickel’s worth of difference if you make the change now.  Why not put Dickerson in center and see how he can play?  It is a nine run game and the lead is not in danger

Perfect logic.  Of course George “I’m always a nice guy and sugar coat everything no matter how much this team sucks” Grande replied,

Well, I guess you put your nine best defenisive players out there

Where was this earlier in the season?  His contract is a four year deal that runs through the 2010 season so it can’t be because he knows he’s done after this year. Hopefully Bob C doesn’t want to silence the press about this crappy team and have him canned.

I say keep going, Chris.  Management needs to hear it.


One Response

  1. I’ve been calling Chris…”Tell it like it is Chris.” He had a valid point Friday, I would have loved to see if Dickerson made the catch in the 9th.

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