Will Carroll Discusses Bob’s Letter

Will Caroll from Baseball Prospectus doesn’t buy into what Walt and Bob C are selling.

Ok, the high expectations might just be overvaluing your team, which is understandable. What I don’t see is that injuries have played a major part in the downfall of the Reds. Griffey and Dunn were both healthy. The ‘key’ players they mention? All healthy. The biggest injuries on the team were the pair of stacked injuries to Alex Gonzalez and Jeff Keppinger, and the injury to Aaron Harang. They could mean Ryan Freel or Kent Mercker, I guess.

Don’t forget Norris Hopper.  He is so scrappy, hustles, plays the game the right way, and bunts for singles.  If we had him along with the others mentioned, the Reds would be printing World Series tickets.

Sending the letter to fans was a nice gesture, but if I was a Reds fan, I’d be worried. While Jocketty has a great record of building winning teams, I hope it was the PR staff that wrote this. Mis-assessing the past isn’t a good indication that they’ll know what to do in the future.


Hat tip to Lance McAllister (Lot D Blog)


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