Pole: We’re Not Shutting Down Harang

MLB.com beat writer Mark Sheldon was in the radio booth tonight during the second inning and reported that he spoke with pitching coach Dick Pole (heh heh).  Sheldon explicitly said that Pole believes that Harang will pitch until the end of the season in order to “get him right” and have a strong end to the season so he can build on something positive for next year.

If Walt Jocketty thinks that the Reds are “one or two players away from contending” (which I don’t think even he believes) and Aaron Harang gets hurt, phsyically or mentally, and given Dusty Baker’s history (deserved or not) on the way he handles pitchers, it would be a shame to see Aaron  not on the mound come opening day 2009.

Shut down Harang now!  There is nothing left to do at this point in the season other than destory his record and to continue to see him get shelled each time he takes the ball.


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