Rob Neyer Talks Jared Burton

Neyer is becoming my favorite baseball writer.  Very digestible information with tons of cool articles and he isn’t overly stat/sabermetric heavy, although there is some of that too.  If you don’t have an Insiders subscription yet, it is almost worth it to read Neyer.

From his July 18th blog post on [Insiders Subscription Required]

As for Jared Burton … Well, let’s just say that among the 200-plus relievers employed in the major leagues at any one moment, I have little or no awareness of a significant percentage of them. If you’d asked me last week, “Does a guy named Jared Burton pitch for the Reds”? I might have said, “Now that you mention it, yeah.” But when I saw Burton’s name on the list of players the A’s drafted in 2008, it didn’t jump out at me, at all. Which really is inexcusable, considering how well Burton’s actually pitched. Last year he was good, if a bit hit-lucky. This year he’s been outstanding: 2.23 ERA, 50 strikeouts and 17 walks in 48 innings. And hats off to the Reds for choosing Burton in the Rule 5 draft prior to 2006.

I love Jared Burton and hope he returns soon because my heart cannot take any more of David Weathers trying to be the set-up man. Especially if Dusty thinks that it is a good idea to pitch him three days in a row and two innings on the third day.


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