Dickerson Helps Bats Go Green

With all the focus on the environment these days, why not try and reduce waste in the dugout, clubhouse, and the seating areas by going green. Chris Dickerson, Reds prospect at Triple-A Louisville wants to do just that.  He has asked for and received water bottles for all the Bats on the team.  By using these, he and the Bats hope to reduce the tremendous amount of waste left behind by the players and coaches.  C.L. Brown, Bats beat writer for the Louisville Courier Journal wrote an article about the change in today’s paper.  Dickerson also hopes to spread the word to other teams and their members when they come into town next week for the Triple-A All-Star game here in Louisville.

“The All-Star Game is supposed to be a go-green event,” Dickerson said. “It’s not necessarily the exposure from the game, but word of mouth. Maybe this viral episode of action can happen where people start to pay more attention to the issue and do more stuff around their own homes and be more aware of what’s going on.”

Kudos to Dickerson and Bats management for taking the first step in reducing waste and trying to change the culture of the clubhouse for the good of the environment.  I have seen recycling bins around Great American Ballpark, but they aren’t very convenient to find.  Hopefully the Reds, as a total organization, take the initiative and make changes to be a more “green” franchise.


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