Gotta Stay Positive

I have been very slow in updating the site recently and I apoligize for that.

So here is a round-up of some recent thoughts about the team I’ve been having.

  • The Reds are 2-0 in the “new season” after the halfway point. Hopefully they can expolde after having their first successful, winning road trip in a long time.  Also they were against three very tough AL teams.
  • The Reds are only 11 games behind the Cubs for the division and 9 games behind the Cardinals for the Wild Card.  Difficult but not impossible.
  • Who is the Reds’ natural rival?  I don’t feel the hate towards the Indians like other interleague series foes feel about their rival.  The Yankees and Mets and the Cubs/White Sox rivalries are heated because they reside in the same city, but I don’t feel that way about Cleveland.  The Reds and Dodgers used to be rivals, but they don’t play enough now.  I want their to be hate between the Reds and somebody so fans have something to look forward to multiple times during the year.
  • Kudos to Red-Hot-Mama and Crack Technical Staff for getting on the big board at the GABP.
  • I love Daryl Thompson.  The kid battles so hard and has done himself very well in his two starts.  He has had some very nice early success (shutting out the Yankees at “The Stadium” in his first ML start) and is the best thing that has happend for the fifth spot in the rotation.  He is someone I can easily root for because of his “never say die” attitude.
  • Dusty Baker does not know how to manage a bullpen.  That is all.
  • For as bad as this team can look at times, just hang in there. It will get better.

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  1. Great Site! Go Reds!

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