Bruce, Janish, Thompson Lost in NYC

Jay Bruce, Paul Janish, and Saturday’s starting pitcher Daryl Thompson almost didn’t make it on time to Yankee Stadium. The trio decided to take the subway to Yankee Stadium only to head the wrong direction, winding up in Brooklyn instead of the Bronx.

The story from Joe Lapointe of the NY Times:

Actually, Thompson had bigger trouble earlier, hours before the game. He and two other rookies, Jay Bruce and Paul Janish, left their Midtown hotel and decided to take the subway to Yankee Stadium. But they got on the wrong train and ended up in Brooklyn instead of the Bronx.

“I had a big old bag and I was going to ride the bus,” Thompson said, “but they said I could ride with them. They said, ‘We’re rookies, let’s take the subway and get there ahead of the bus.’ ”

After about 30 minutes, they realized they were going the wrong way.

“Janish was in charge at first,” Thompson said. “Bruce ended up asking a lady, and she told him which way we needed to go. He got us back on the right track.”

They arrived at the stadium shortly before 11 a.m. for a game that began at 1:08 p.m. “The guys in the clubhouse gave me stuff for trying to follow those guys because they didn’t know what they were doing,” Thompson said. “Bad impression.”

Good thing all three made it there.  Thompson was nothing short of outstanding facing the pressures of Yankee Stadium in his major league debut, shutting out the Yankees in five innings pitched.  He also managed to dig deep in two key situations during the game and get himself out of trouble.

Janish made a spectacular play on a hard hit ball by Alex Rodriguez to shut the door on a Yankee rally late in the game.


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