Sports Illustrated Loves Jay Bruce

There is a really good article in this week’s Sports Illustrated (Tiger Woods on the cover) written by Albert Chen talking about Jay Bruce entitled “There’s a New Kid in Town.”

Basically the article recaps all of the awesomeness that is Jay Bruce.  It talks about how humble he is and how he is coming into his own as a major leaguer.  The article also talks about how Bruce idolized Ken Griffey Jr. and how much it means to have him as a mentor.

Again, I am totally psyched about the Reds and the young crop of talent that is finally making it to the club along with the national attention that they are receiving.  They also include pictures of Votto, Volquez, and Cueto in the article.

It is a very cool read if you get the chance.

The only thing that bothered me about the article was a quote by Marty Brennman saying, “I wouldn’t say Reds fans are the best in the country, but I think they’re the most knowledgable when it comes to playing the game the right way.  You really have to do something to impress them.”

Ok, Mr. Negativity.


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