A Response for John Fay

Reds beat reporter for the Cincinnati Enquirer recently asked the question on his Reds Insider blog why fans weren’t coming to the games citing a drop in attendance so far this season at GABP.

So what we did was to calculate the cost of going to a Reds game, for one person, from Louisville, cost of a ticket, food, and parking, and gas.


First the ticket. We decided to go with the “All-You-Can-Eat” ticket. This new section allows fans to obtain a wristband upon entering the special section of seats in the 400 level (sections 408-410 specifically). This ticket would permit us to gorge ourselves on ballpark fare without being concerned with adding to our overall costs.

If you’re interested, here are the prices of food at GABP this season.

  • $6.75 – Draft beer
  • $7.00 – Bottle Beer, 16 oz. (Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Light)
  • $4.00 – Hot Dog
  • $5.00 – All Beef Hot Dog
  • $4.25 – Peanuts/ Popcorn
  • $5.75 – Extra Large Soda (44 oz.)
  • $5.00- Large Soda (32 oz.)
  • $4.25- Regular Soda (24 oz.

The AYCE ticket does not allow the purchase of beer. Oh well.

So the ticket is $30 with a $4.09 “convenience charge” by Ticketmaster. We included a Will Call pick-up since there is no charge for this option.

Total so far: $34.09

Car Operation and Gas

Here is where a majority of the cost comes into play. The distance between Louisville and Cincinnati is 95 miles. Using figures from fueleconomy.gov, a website maintained by the U. S. Department of Energy, we can figure out exactly how much gas is being used in our 1999 Honda Accord on our journey to the Queen City.

The Accord gets 28 MPG on the highway, which we will use exclusively to travel the 95 miles. There are other factors that effect fuel mileage such as average speed, tire pressure, vehicle age/condition, and weather conditions. Seeing as how we don’t have the tools to measure those things, we will just stick to the math and numbers that we have.

A few important things to note:

  • It takes 1.04 gallons to travel 25 miles
  • It takes $3.53 to operate the vehicle for 25 miles


95 miles / 25 miles = 3.8

3.8 *$3.53=$13.41

So it will cost us $13.41 to operate our 1999 Honda Accord for 95 miles. Doubling that (since we will be driving back to Louisville after an eventual Reds win) it costs us a grand total of $26.82 to get to and from Cincinnati.


The rising fuel costs are a major drain on the wallet. In Louisville, the average fuel price is $3.99 per gallon. Since we know it takes 1.04 gallons to travel 25 miles…

95 miles / 25 miles = 3.8

1.04 * 3.8 = 3.952 gallons of gas for 95 miles

3.952 gallons * $3.99/ gallon = $15.79

Again we double the cost of fuel because we will be leaving Cincy after the game. That comes out to $31.54 in fuel costs.

Final Cost Analysis

Ticket $ 34.09
Cost to Run Vehicle $ 26.82
Fuel Costs $ 31.54
Parking $ 10.00

We added another $10 for parking since we normally park at a garage on 4th street and walk to the stadium.

This cost analysis leads us to the conclusion that it takes $102.45 for one person to travel from Louisville 95 miles to Cincinnati and back to see the Reds play one game by purchasing an All-You-Can-Eat ticket. We could offset a majority of the fuel costs by carpooling and demanding some amount of fuel being paid for by those riding with us. Still, we are probably saving quite a bit of money by doing the All-You-Can-Eat ticket if we decide that we can eat about 9 hot dogs during 9 innings of play. But that is another blog post for a later date.


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