Something to Read While Stuck On Base

If you were one of the 32 (THIRTY-TWO!) men left on base while your team hit 6-35 (1.71) with RISP during a three game set with the Pirates, then here are some items of interest to read while you wait for a big hit.

A Dodger/Red Sox blogger writes about “Blogger Night” at Dodger Stadium.
(Can someone contact Rob Butcher so we can do this at GABP?)

Jim Armstrong of the Rocky Mountain News and AOL also hates sabermetrics.
Is this the back-up column for sportswriters who don’t have anything else to write about?
(Hat tip to

With the Pope’s upcoming vist U.S., MLBers who were named in the Mitchell Report will be absolved of their (alleged) sins and face no punishment from Commissioner Selig.  However, some owners and organizational personnel may not be so lucky.

Want to own part of a professional franchise?

A cool video from Uni Watch about Ebbets, a Seattle based company that makes vintage baseball uniforms.

And finally, we want to hear from you.  What do you want to see from this site? More Reds game-by-game thoughts? Statistics? Off-the-wall stuff?  Please let us know by leaving comments so we can better serve our audience.


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