Goodyear Vote Today (Updated)

Goodyear city council members will be voting today to allow funding for the $33 million dollar spring training facility in Goodyear, Arizona. The funding will allow the Reds to have a separate training facility with fields, offices, and other amenities while sharing the 10,000 seat stadium that is currently being built for the Clevland Indians.

A seven person council must pass the measure by a majority vote with one member recusing himself.

If this does not pass, one would assume that the process would open back up allowing for Sarasota to make a counter-offer after they turned down $16 mil in funding before the Reds entered into an exclusivity agreement with Goodyear, AZ for negations nearly 75 days ago.

The council will meet at 5 PM (not sure if this is MTN time or EST) with a vote coming an hour later. You can watch the proceedings Here

We think, barring some sort of major development, this will pass. Councilwoman Joanne Osborne was concerned because roads, schools, and libraries were not being built in the small suburb of Phoenix. There was some talk about raising the hotel tax in order to fund the facilities and to pacify Councilwoman Osborne.


It looks like the measure will pass with the FULL support of the council.

Final Vote 6-0, motion passes to bring the Reds to Goodyear, AZ

John Allen passed out Reds hats to all the council members following the vote.


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