Jeff Brantley Is Not Clutch

Normally we feel bad for Jeff Brantley. Night in and night out he gets ragged on by fellow announcers on both TV and radio. George Grande (FSN Ohio), Thom Brennaman (Radio and FSN Ohio), and the grand poobah of Reds media Marty Brennaman (Radio) constantly tease him about his southern drawl and cowboy boots. We empathize with Mr. Brantley; we really do. We are tired of the cowboy references and wish they would stop and just call the game.

But on Wednesday night as the Reds looked as if they were going to go down to a second straight defeat, Edwin Encarnacion came to the plate and what transpired was absolutely hilarious.

We can only guess that his Mississippi Mudflap clouded his judgment if in fact “clutch” actually exists.


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