Bill James to Appear on “60 Minutes” Sunday

With Opening Day just two days away, CBS’s news magazine “60 Minutes” will have a feature on Bill James, the Boston Red Sox senior adviser and father of sabermetrics.

From the “60 Minutes” website:

“Baseball has always been a game about statistics, something the Boston Red Sox took to a new level when they hired baseball statistics guru Bill James in 2002. His “sabermetrics” analysis of players’ stats is a system Red Sox owners believe is an integral part of a winning formula that has brought two World Series trophies to Boston since he arrived. However, more teams are getting into the act, say Sox owners, who now worry that their dreaded enemy the New York Yankees will get into the same game with their always-bigger wallet.”

They even have a small interview of “60 Minutes” correspondent Morely Safer which is interesting.

While focusing on James and how he operates within the Red Sox organization is important to tell the story, we hope the piece will incorporate other organizations who use sabermetrics as well as those who develop new ways of statistically measuring players as part of the evaluation process. Focusing soley on the Yankees and Red Sox won’t do the rest of baseball any justice.

We’ll have a review sometime next week after our Opening Day celebrations settle down.

Of course if you are Paul Daugherty then there is no reason to watch this interview. Only college professors, “ivory tower types”, and people filling out spreadsheets in their mother’s basement should tune in.


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