Reds Cheapen Gameday Experience

The Cincinnati Reds are making some changes to their home ballpark this year. An entire section of seats are now going to be alcohol-free for families, an all-you-can-eat section for fans to gorge on ballpark fare, and a truck in center field.

Yeah. Seriously.

The Reds have become the new Durham Bulls when they hosted a truck on top of an elevator shaft in center field, over 500 feet away from home plate. If a Reds batter hits the truck, a fan in attendance will win the $31,000 prize. This insults a once proud franchise that owner Bob Castellini swore to protect and uphold when he became principal owner in 2005. Tradition is something that is deeply important not only to the Cincinnati Reds and their fans, but to all of baseball. We could see doing something like this in the minor leagues, but not at the Major League Baseball level. Catellini called himself a fan, yet we don’t think ANY Reds fan would approve of this move.

If we are going to have this, why not put a huge plate of Skyline Chili for hitters to take a swing at?

We understand that ballparks, especially the ones being built after Camden Yard at Oriole Park are all about trying to drawl in fans with an enhanced gameday experience. However, it is hard for us to fathom why owners need to do this other than to line their already overstuffed pockets with more profit (which MLB is making hand over fist these days).

This is in addition to the Reds forcing fans to buy three extra games with the purchase of one ticket to one of the three games with the Boston Red Sox.

I implore any Reds fan and any fan of baseball to contact Robert Castellini and his ownership group and let them know how much this cheapens your experience at the ballpark come this summer. When you put a winning club on the field, people will come.


5 Responses

  1. One question: if you’re at a game this summer and you win the truck, can I have it?

  2. The Royals have done a similar promotion with a Dodge truck placed high on a riser in LF. No KC batter has come close to hitting it, or even the pole to the riser.

  3. I agree with you on the Toyota b.s. which is why I made a point to include a shot at it in my latest post on I mean, Castellini could have at least put an AMERICAN truck on top of Great “American” Ballpark.

  4. rmul, they DO assemble Toyotas in Kentucky

  5. It’s not the first time the Reds have done this. Back in the fifties and…I think….the sixties there was a sign on the outfield wall at Crosley Field. Seibler Suits I think it was. If a batted ball hit it the batter got a suit. Seems like Wally Post wound up being the best dressed Red.

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