Reds Prospects: Baseball Prospectus Top 100

Baseball Prospectus released their top 100 prospects list and the top spot wasn’t at all surprising.  Jay Bruce, Baseball America’s Minor League Play of the Year topped the list. 

1. Jay Bruce, of, Reds

9. Homer Bailey, rhp, Reds

21. Joey Votto, 1b, Reds

41. Johnny Cueto, rhp, Reds 

Not bad.  Four in the top 50, two in the top 10 is not a bad thing at all.  Hopefully, the Reds can continue to draft well and develop players so they can see the same amount of success that other teams with strong minor league systems (Arizona, Colorado) have seen over the past few years.


2 Responses

  1. Saw that your Reds are talking to the A’s about Blanton. Seeing as my boy Bedard is traded, he’s other big fish pitcher left. I’m not sure he’s worth the price Billy Beane will want for him. Obviously, you have some top young talent coming up but I don’t think Blanton is worth it. He’s good but not worth the price tag the A’s will want. Your thoughts?

  2. I totally agree. The Reds have finally been able to stockpile just a little bit of talent and it would be foolish to try the quick fix. I believe most Reds fans want to bulid for the future (2009) rather than completely destroy the farm system again.

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