A-Rod Upstaging…New Years Eve?

On New Years Eve at 11:58:30, as everyone was tuning in for the ball drop on NBC, Alex Rodriguez shows up out of nowhere to hang out with Carson Daly. Why? I have no idea. Perhaps he feels that by showing up, in a Yankees cap no less, with his wife to watch the ball drop in New York’s Times Square he can repair some of his tarnished image, but I think this appearance does more to prove that he is out for himself and is looking to reap any an all love that he can get. It is by far one of the most uncomfortable exchanges I have ever seen on TV.

Carson asked Alex about playing in New York and signing his new contract with the Yankees. Alex famously, or infamously, opted out of a contract with the Yankees during game 4 of the World Series between Boston and Colorado. Rodriguez also announced the signing of a new contract on December 13th, the same day Senator Mitchell unveiled his report on Major League Baseball and the use of steroids in the game.


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